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Y-Not STOP Hunger: Corporate Works of Mercy Donates $20,000 to Food Bank of Central Louisiana

April 31, 2020

The Corporate Works of Mercy Foundation, founded by St. Romain Oil Company, has donated $20,000 to the Food Bank of Central Louisiana as a result of efforts from the annual Y-Not Peanut Butter Drive in an effort to STOP Hunger in Central Louisiana.

For the last several years, Corporate Works of Mercy Foundation has hosted the Y-Not Peanut Butter Drive at Y-Not Stop locations and other partner entities in an effort to raise funds and awareness for the Food Bank of Central Louisiana, inspired by carrying out the biblical Corporal Works Mercy's message of feeding the hungry.

This year has presented new challenges for the foundation. "When we called our vendors to source the peanut butter to donate, they all laughed and told us that due to allocation issues caused by COVID-19, they weren't able to get anywhere near the amount of peanut butter that we typically donate to the Food Bank of Cenla. Each year, for the last several years, we were able to donate 10,000 jars of peanut butter. We quickly realized that wasn't the reality for this year," says Amanda St. Romain, Vice President of Corporate Works of Mercy Foundation and Marketing Director of St. Romain Oil.

Due to COVID-19, food insecurity is more widespread in our communities than ever, with many families relying on the Food Bank of Central Louisiana for their next meal. St. Romain says, "Our foundation knew that a monetary donation would be the best option for this year. The Food Bank needs support now more than ever, and we are happy to be able to support them in any way possible."

The donation of $20,000 is the equivalent of 10,288 meals for families in need.

Corporate Works of Mercy would like to offer many thanks to everyone who made this donation possible, including Y-Not Stop guests & team members, Corporate Works of Mercy Sponsors, and the St. Mary's School 4-H Club.

Learn more about the Food Bank of Central Louisiana

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