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Y-Not Assist Program

Providing Additional Support to Neighbors in Need of Assistance

About the Y-Not Assist Program: 

The “Y-Not Assist” program is managed by the Corporate Works of Mercy Foundation.  The program’s intent is to help individuals and families struggling with devastating hardships beyond their control that negatively impact their lives.

Level 1 Support may be available to SRO employees, employees of our CWM sponsors, and to any community member for the following types of hardships:

• Expenses resulting from a catastrophic (chronic or terminal) medical condition  

• Funeral or burial expenses for the participant’s spouse, parents or dependents

• Expenses relating to the extreme damage to the participant’s primary residence (i.e. fire or flood)


Level 2 Support is available ONLY to SRO employees and employees of our CWM sponsors. Hardships (outside of those identified in Level 1) will be considered on an individual basis for possible assistance.

Process & Checklist