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Y-Not Assist Program

Providing Additional Support to Neighbors in Need of Assistance

About the Y-Not Assist Program: 

The “Y-Not Assist” program is managed by the Corporate Works of Mercy Foundation.  The program’s intent is to help individuals and families struggling with devastating hardships beyond their control that negatively impact their lives.

Level 1 Support may be available to SRO employees, employees of our CWM sponsors, and to any community member for the following types of hardships:

• Expenses resulting from a catastrophic (chronic or terminal) medical condition  

• Funeral or burial expenses for the participant’s spouse, parents or dependents

• Expenses relating to the extreme damage to the participant’s primary residence (i.e. fire or flood)


Level 2 Support is available ONLY to SRO employees and employees of our CWM sponsors. Hardships (outside of those identified in Level 1) will be considered on an individual basis for possible assistance.

Process & Checklist

  1. Complete your application and email it to or fax it to 318-240-9561 or submit online.

  2. Attach copies of any bills you are requesting help with, as well as supporting documents. CWM will not begin to process your application until it is completed in full, with copies of bills and necessary documents.

  3. Expect a call within a week to schedule an interview with volunteer CWM Board Members.  Please be patient with us, as we are all volunteers.

  4. Expect a decision from the board within 1 week of your interview.  The board may approve, partially approve or deny your application based on the facts presented and the limited funds we have available.

  5. If assistance is granted, CWM will make any approved payments directly to service providers

Y-Not Assist Application 

Application must be completed including supporting documentation in order to be considered.

Do you rent or own your home?

Physical Address:

Mailing Address:

Does Anyone in your immedite family member have special needs?
I am a
I am applying for assistance because of the folling hardship
Are you related to any of the Corporate Works of Mercy Board Members?
Upload File
Upload File
Upload File

Assets/ What you Own

Liabilities/ What You Owe




Food Bank of CenLA                       318-445-2773         Apply for Food Programs
DCFS                                               225-342-0286         Apply for SNAP; Child Welfare Services
Hope House                                    318-487-2061         Homeless Shelter (Located in Alexandria, LA)
Faith House                                    1-888-411-1333       Shelter & Resources for Victims of Domestic Violence
Cenla Pregnancy Center                1-800-712-4357       Resources for Pregnant Women
LA Medicaid                                    225-342-9500         Apply for Medicaid
LA CHIP                                          1-800-220-5404      Apply for LA CHIP (for children)
LA OCDD                                        318-484-2347         Apply for services for citizens with Developmental Disabilities
Social Security (SSI/ SSDI)             1-800-772-1213      Apply for Social Security Benefits, Supplemental Security Income Benefits, Medicare                                                                                             and/or Disability Benefits
CCAP (Childcare Assistance)        1-877-453-2721       Apply for financial assistance with Child Care

I verify that the information submitted on this application is truthful and accurate. I authorize CWM to verify the details of my application and make payments to service providers on my behalf, should assistance be granted. I also understand that submission of this application does not guarantee approval for assistance.

Thanks for submitting!
We’ll contact you soon on the status of your application.

Y-Not Assist Program

Providing Additional Support
to Neighbors in Need of Assistance


Sometimes unexpected, devastating life circumstances occur -- major illness, house fires and floods, or the sudden death of a loved one. These unforeseen hardships can create difficult situations for families, and Corporate Works of Mercy understands that sometimes neighbors need a little help in bridging the gap.


The Y-Not Assist Program was created to help Central Louisiana neighbors in need of assistance through devastating circumstances. Our volunteers will guide you to community resources, as well as offer prayers and positivity.


Neighbors can apply for assistance using the application linked below. Once the application is submitted, a representative will confirm receipt. A Board Member will then schedule an interview with applicants that are eligible. Any assistance or payments will be made through service providers.

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