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Corporate Works of Mercy Foundation Donates $30,000 to Avoyelles Council on Aging


Corporate Works of Mercy Foundation presents a $30,000 donation to the Avoyelles Council on Aging. (L-R) Cynthia Flanders, Annie Gauthier, Todd St. Romain, Sabrina Sonnier Cloud, Heather Tassin, Gwen Burke and Amanda St. Romain

Mansura, LA – April 9, 2021 – Corporate Works of Mercy Foundation, a nonprofit founded by St. Romain Oil and Y-Not Stop Convenience Stores, has donated $30,000 to the Avoyelles Council on Aging to support their Homebound Meals Program.

The Avoyelles Council on Aging provides numerous free essential services to Senior citizens, including: home meal delivery, supplemental commodity distribution, transportation, sitting, respite care, homemaking program and outreach. When not hindered by COVID safety limitations, the Avoyelles Council on Aging also provides on site meals, recreation, health screenings, and entertainment at their facility located on Preston Street in Marksville, LA. They hope to reopen the facility for Seniors in the upcoming months.

When Todd St. Romain (President) and Amanda St. Romain (Vice President) of Corporate Works of Mercy Foundation visited with Sabrina Sonnier Cloud (Executive Director) and Gwen Burke (Program Director) from the Council on Aging recently, they were surprised to hear about the wide variety of services offered to seniors. However, they left the meeting with heavy hearts knowing that more than 50 seniors remained on the waiting list to receive home delivery meals.

“We learned that many of the seniors served by the Homebound Meals program truly depend on these meals for nourishment. Just the thought of so many seniors going without the nutrition they need was devastating. Sabrina and Gwen informed us that the waiting list grows daily. Seniors may have a hard time getting around under traditional circumstances but then coupled with COVID safety precautions, many seniors are barely leaving their homes,” says Amanda St. Romain of Corporate Works of Mercy.

Sabrina Sonnier Cloud of Avoyelles Council on Aging elaborates, “Our meal program is one of the most important programs we have because it feeds our Seniors throughout the parish. Seniors enrolled in the program receive 5 frozen meals each week, costing about $5.25 per meal. We hear often that Seniors have to make the difficult decisions of whether to pay for food, medications or utilities. We are proud to help take some of that stress off of them through our meal program. We are always looking for donations and volunteers to help the Seniors that remain on our waiting list.”

The mission of Corporate Works of Mercy foundation is to share God’s blessings and love through action and in truth with neighbors in need of assistance. Inspired by the biblical Corporal Works of Mercy, the foundation is centered around the following actions: feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, care for the sick and dying, and ransom the captive. Feeding the Hungry is exactly what the Council on Aging does through their Homebound Meal Program, so the donation was a natural fit for the foundation.

At the official presentation of the donation on April 9 at the Council on Aging Center, Todd St. Romain remarked, “It brings us great joy to share these blessings with our neighbors right here at home. These Seniors live in our neighborhoods, go to our churches, and patron our businesses. I felt that our organization was called to help feed as many of them as possible, so they don’t have to go without.”

Todd St. Romain, President of Corporate Works of Mercy, and Sabrina Sonnier Cloud, Executive Director of Avoyelles Council on Aging

The Marksville Chamber of Commerce showed support of the two local nonprofit organizations by attending the presentation on April 9 at the Avoyelles Council on Aging Center. (L-R) Cynthia Flanders, Annie Gauthier, Todd St. Romain, Chad Dauzat, John Gagnard, Van Roy, Gwen Burke, Sabrina Sonnier Cloud, Heather Tassin, and Amanda St. Romain

To learn more about the Avoyelles Council on Aging, call: 318-253-9771 To learn more about the Corporate Works of Mercy Foundation:

To donate to the Avoyelles Council on Aging:

· Mail a check to:

Avoyelles Council on Aging

224 South Preston Street

Marksville, LA 71350

· Using PayPal: Select the DONATE tab at the top right corner of, Be sure to leave a comment with the donation: for Council on Aging All funds will be given to the Avoyelles Council on Aging directly.

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