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Avoyelles Organizations Collect 1,424 Jars of Peanut Butter for the Y-Not STOP HUNGER Drive!

Since 2013, Corporate Works of Mercy Foundation's annual Y-Not STOP Hunger Drive raises awareness, funds and PEANUT BUTTER for local families in need. Since the beginning of the drive's creation, Y-Not Stop Convenience Stores have collected jars of peanut butter to provide to local food banks. Each year, Y-Not Stop reaches out to local schools and organizations to participate in the drive.

This year was the most successful yet, with the participants collecting a total of 1,424 jars of peanut butter in total!

The jars collected will be donated directly to the Food Bank of Central Louisiana and local food pantries to serve those in need. Thank you to the various schools and organizations who participated to make this possible!

Y Peanut Butter?

  • It's kid friendly

  • It's a great source of fiber, protein and nutrients

  • It has a long shelf life

  • It doesn't require any special storage or cooking

  • One jar can provide several meals for a hungry family (Approx. 16 Sandwiches)

  • It can be used by the homeless or those without electricity

Avoyelles Jr. Leaders, organized by Avoyelles High Student, Anna Gautreaux Donations from Avoyelles Jr. Leaders, Avoyelles Hospital, Marksville Elementary 4-H, Avoyelles Charter 4-H & St. Mary's 4-H

472 Jars Collected

Sacred Heart School

320 Jars Collected

St. Mary's School

280 Jars Collected


258 Jars Collected

Avoyelles Rotary

32 Jars Collected

Avoyelles Charter Honor Society

21 Jars Collected

Other Donations: 41 Jars

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